Take The ‘Money Anxiety’ Quiz

QuizOne of the best things we can do to really get present with our financial wellbeing is to assess it. By asking ourselves a few pivotal questions, we demystify money and are able to focus on what we need to get in financial shape.
I encourage you to take the Money Anxiety Quiz (and share it with your friends) by clicking on the QUIZ button. You will receive immediate results, letting you know what you need to have a better relationship with your finances. Some questions include:

* One or both of my parents were fearful and anxious around money.

* I often feel a need to protect what I own from loss, and from others.

* I avoid looking at my bank and credit statements and checkbook register.


So take the test and share the link with your friends – we ALL need to feel financially empowered to live our best life, and now is a great time to start!

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