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“This innovative and important book helps readers increase their prosperity in challenging times while also relaxing their stress, anxiety, and pressure about finances. With his feet on the ground and in words coming right from his heart, Koorosh Ostowari shows how to open yourself up to life’s true gems: gratitude, generosity, and inner peace.”
Rick Hanson, PhD, NY Times Bestselling Author, Buddha’s Brain

The Money Anxiety Cure


You know as well as I that we live in increasingly uncertain financial times. But did you know that we have become, both personally and collectively, increasingly engaged in a modern epidemic known as money anxiety disorder, eroding our self-confidence, our relationships, and our vision of the future?

Our money anxiety can be triggered by negative events - fluctuations on Wall Street, a job loss, divorce, and even health issues. It can also be triggered by positive changes in our lives – the birth of a new child, marriage, or graduating high school or college. And even when our lives are stable, many of us suffer from an underlying anxiety of simply staying on budget and saving for retirement.

Like the economy itself, our anxiety about money fluctuates, but we don’t have to be at the mercy of it. We can learn to cope with an unpredictable future and stop the panic. There is a CURE for money anxiety disorder.

Just like any relationship, our relationship with money can be a source of great stress and anxiety when not managed skillfully—especially when what fuels our stress and anxiety arises from real or imaginary fear.
However, our relationship with money also has the potential to transform our lives - and the lives of those around us - in rich and abundant ways. By learning practical financial exercises and incorporating mindfulness and somatic practices, you will create a more healthy relationship with your money and be on a path to financial wellbeing.

My goal is to help you create a positive and powerful vision of prosperity, unique to your values, lifestyle, and your dreams of a secure future.
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Do you suffer from money anxiety disorder?

Do you suffer from money anxiety disorder? Here are some of the ways money anxiety disorder can manifest in you:

Curing Your Money Anxiety Cure in 7 Simple Steps


Get Real with your Relationship with money


About The Author

Koorosh Ostowari

As a first generation Iranian, Koorosh Ostowari (ku-rosh ostaWAARi) saw his single mother overcome great financial and cultural obstacles to provide her family with the American Dream. Following in her footsteps, Koorosh retired early from a successful 25-year career in real estate, then successfully bridged the gap between spiritual and material worlds by becoming trained as a Spirit Rock Meditation Center Dharma Leader and certified somatic therapist.
Koorosh was recently honored with the 2015 Certificate of Special Recognition by the U.S. Congress, and a Certificate of Recognition by the California State Legislature in part for his public service work within the Northern California prison system, as well as for his work with the public sector, helping clients and students cultivate mindfulness, alleviate anxiety and achieve work/life balance and financial wellbeing. He offers Mindfulness & Money courses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  • Let's face it, books about how to fix your finances are a dime a dozen. Koorosh Ostowari's brilliant "The Money Anxiety Cure" takes the reader far beyond simple how-to fixes for balancing budgets and doing effective planning. Instead Mr. Ostowari uses examples from his remarkable and unique life story, how he went from a young entrepreneur to a seeker of both inner and material wealth, to create a blueprint for using the principles of Buddhist mindfulness for achieving your financial goals. In addition, "The Money Anxiety Cure" ends each chapter with practical exercises that will help you achieve both inner peace and outer prosperity.

    - Brian Shields
  • Solid book. Solid author. I recommend this book. Pick it up, read it and gain tools and techniques to be more thoughtful around your finances.

    - Howard f. Mckenzie
  • Money is such a primal force in all of our lives, we all have stories and issues around dealing with money. This book is straightforward, on-point, and a great practical guide to becoming whole and healthy in that area of modern life.

    - H Lee
  • So many financial management books focus on budget balancing and investment strategies but there is a state of clarity that is needed before you can even start to tackle those steps. The Money Anxiety Cure has 2 simple tools - somatic mindfulness and meditation, or inner listening as I interpret them, to help clear your mind and bring you to a balanced foundation. From that state you have the possibility to create an inspiring, grounded and creative vision for your future and that is the starting point, and fuel, to tackle what can feel like the hum drum and dry topics of financial management logistics. This book provides the starting point for getting clear on the life you want to create. Then you can manage your finances to achieve that.

    - Tanyia kandohla
  • I downloaded the Kindle version of this book and it's a disaster. Without question the worst example of Kindle formatting I've seen. Headings, punctuation and paragraphing are all over the place, to the point where it's almost unreadable. It should never have been released given its many flaws. As regards the content, it's ok but tends to be drawn out and repetitive.

    - Michael Knight
  • Koorosh presents a uniquely balanced approach to money and prosperity that embraces many of the tenets of the "Middle Path". For many of us, we want to live life from the heart and create an income that reflects our belief in Right Livelihood. Yet, we're concerned about the ways in which we've seen money being misused, and do not want to fall prey to greed or an over-emphasis on materialism. Koorosh explores these issues, and helps clarify how important it is to have a healthy relationship with money that will lead to financial abundance. At the same time, he also shows us how lasting fulfillment only comes when we can achieve our financial goals within the context of a life that includes self-reflection, mindfulness, a spirit of gratitude, and generosity toward others. Over the past several years, I have taken Korrosh's advice and implemented it in a practical way, and I can tell you, emphatically, that it works. I am confident that anyone, no matter what their financial situation may look like, can benefit from reading this book.

    - Heather L. Morgan
  • I read this book because of my anxiety with money and bills and must admit that after reading it and applying the philosophy and techniques to my life, I have gained a certain expansive awareness to my approach to this problem, leading to a more healthy approach to my finances and attitude towards money. There is a certain wisdom behind the words and techniques, coming from the author's own experiences, that makes this book a must read for anyone who wants lasting change in this area of one's life.

    - Ali Shabahangi
  • Excellent, it makes a lot of sense. Hopefully we can master what it suggests. That it's going to be the hardest part.

    - Rolando Flores
  • This is an important topic that is seldom discussed. Anxiety about status and money is everywhere in our culture. It's insidious - affecting us all the time. Karoosh is doing important work making people conscious of it.

    - ThureLehto
  • I loved reading this book, especially the great examples of money and challenges people have experienced in their lives. The author certainly provides great tools in dealing with anxiety around money.

    - Ani Safavi
  • From the Dalai Lama quote on page one of the introduction to the last paragraph of the conclusion where the author encourages readers to go forward on a path based on right intentions, The Money Anxiety Cure is filled with insights, exercises and encouragement to help people chart their own journey to financial wellness. Easy to pick up and hard to put down this is a book to help all of us feel less anxious about money and more at peace with our relationship to it. Highly recommended.

    - Walt
  • Many suffer from money anxiety disorder, a chronic fear that manifests in physical symptoms. Ostowari offers a solution to this disorder, and it’s not what you would expect. Instead, it’s about how you respond to money – using mindfulness, gratitude, and generosity. Ostowari’s advice can help, and the techniques described in this book can also be used to deal with any other aspects of your life causing stress.

    - San Francisco Book Review
  • I have read many books about money and many books about spirituality. When I saw the cover for the book I thought it would be just another light weight "pop psychology book". In fact it is a profound and provocative treatise on how Buddhist thinking/psychology applies to one of the most fundamental problems most of us have in our culture--how to deal with money. We get so many mixed messages about money and its meaning in our lives. Our egos are deeply woven into this complex fabric. Our self esteems are oftentimes determined by this relationship. The author has done a beautiful job of showing how mindfulness can help us place money in a context that can support our lifes journey rather than oppress us on our paths. This is as much a book about Buddhism and its place in our lives today as it is about how to handle the (self imposed mostly) pressures of living in a materialistic culture where it is often how many "things' you have that determines ones value. At any rate, I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with money anxiety (most of us) and also to those with an interest in Buddhist philosophy. A fabulous integrative text!! Kudos to the author. A welcome addition to the modern Buddhist and financial library.

    - Ricky Fishman
  • I have known Koorosh for over 25 years. His story is an amazing tribute to human courage and creativity. He has demonstrated the ability to rise above and beyond limitations to success not only in money matters but in personal depth and appreciation of the soulful simple gifts that life has to offer. Coming from a foreign country as a young lad and and achieving the American dream of wealth is only part of his personal journey. His book meets head on the challenges faced from feeling a lack of money to keeping at bay the dependance on money as an expression of self worth. Here you will learn the mental exercises in being at ease with your money issues and discover the way to true prosperity and genuine happiness. A must read for the rich as well as the wannabe's.

    - Daishin
  • Money is not something most people talk about. Yet there are many fears and worries that so many of us have regarding money. This book truly helped me breathe and understand how to relax and understand how to overcome being afraid of money and all the stigmas that are associated with it. The book is so simple and interesting to read, surprising, thought it would be boring. But its the opposite! Being mindful, being grateful, being compassionate are all things Koorosh reminds us about throughout his writing. And, I am practicing his ideas and honestly seeing more wealth come my way than I ever have in my entire life. I have bought this book for friends going through the same struggles over money. It is a jewel of a book, one that I won't put away on a bookshelf, I want to work with it over the next couple of years so that once and for all I am on the path to being happy and comfortable with money. Thank you Koorosh, this book is such a gift.

    - Dana Cappiello
  • Regardless of how much or how little money you possess, Ostowari’s advice can help. This is a novel approach to dealing with financial strain, and the best thing is that it can work for everyone.

    - Anon


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