How America Gives

How America Gives 3Many of the prisoners I help are ex-Goldman Sachs traders, real estate barons, and others whose lives fell apart when they were unable to stop the cycle of greed and shift back to financial and spiritual wellbeing. They learned the hard way that this is not a sustainable, nor a healthy way to live.

Hopefully, many more learned by their tragic stories.

I would like to go back to the article “How America Gives” from, which I shared in my last post. If you missed it, go to

In Chapter Nine of my book The Money Anxiety Cure, A Path to Financial Wellbeing, I discuss “skillful generosity” and how critical it is to give back for the good of others, as well as yourself, to the extent that you are conscious, able and willing. Being miserly stops the flow of abundance, hardens us to the conditions of others, and also, if you think about it, stops us from allowing others to give to us – for with a closed heart, how can we receive? There must be this openness and balance for it to be sustainable and fun.

Why not give more, if you can? You have just this one precious life not just to achieve both financial and spiritual wealth, but to share it for the good of all. So Lets explore conscious, skillful generosity.

When I reflect back on the ”How America Gives” article, I am curious as to how and why it is that many of the wealthy among us now give less, when they have, for the most part, become even wealthier since the Great Recession.

The one phrase that I tell myself when I catch the feeling of miserly within myself is  “Give a lot if you have a lot, and a little if you have a little.” To the financially wealthy among you, I ask, “in the end, what are you going to do with all your accumulated wealth? On your death bed, do you want to be known for how much you amassed or how much you shared to make a difference in the world?” If you have a lot, give a lot!

This mantra is not just limited to money. Remember that money is only a tool, a catalyst or an agent for change, to use not just for your own wellbeing, but also a great tool to share for worthy causes and the wellbeing of others.

And let’s not forget other forms of giving; sharing your time and talents, your enthusiasm, your creativity, sharing the people you know by way of introductions, sharing extra resources,  etc.

How are you giving? As you pause and reflect on ways you give, how does it feel? Noticing the gratitude and joy around giving actually generates more generosity! It’s like gratitude feeding generosity. I call this the “Great Prosperity Generator.”

We are at the tipping point of not just climate change, major geo political upheavel as well as major disparity right here at home between the Rich and the Poor.

I love Mother Teresa’s reminder on giving, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

I consider myself fortunate. Through mindfulness, I have learned to relax, pause, breath, and stay connected to my body and soul. I feel connected to others in a way that does not stop with my immediate circle, but encompasses all beings. I make a practice of feeling more generous with my resources and I experience a prosperity that is balanced, sustainable and joyful.

In this Holiday Season, consider ways you can give of your time and talent, not just your wallet.

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