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The Money Anxiety Cure


“This innovative and important book helps readers increase their prosperity in challenging times while also relaxing their stress, anxiety, and pressure about finances. With his feet on the ground and in words coming right from his heart, Koorosh Ostowari shows how to open yourself up to life’s true gems: gratitude, generosity, and inner peace.”
Rick Hanson, Author, Buddha’s Brain

Uncertainty creates anxiety, and we are engaged in a modern collective anxiety known as money anxiety disorder. Money anxiety disorder lies at the heart of so many of the disruptions that occur in our lives, our society, and our world. It can be triggered by events like fluctuations in the marketplace, losing a job, having to ask for a raise, enduring a divorce, or simply struggling to stay on budget. Like the economy itself, our anxiety about money fluctuates, but we don’t have to be at the mercy of it. We can learn to cope with unpredictable financial times and stop the panic. There is a CURE for money anxiety disorder.

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Just like any relationship, our relationship with money can be a source of great stress and anxiety when not managed skillfully—especially when what fuels our stress and anxiety arises from real or imaginary fear.

On the other hand, our relationship with money has the potential to transform our lives and the lives of those around us in rich and abundant ways.

Our goal is to help you cure your money anxiety disorder and create a positive and powerful personal definition of prosperity that is achievable for you. Using age-old tools of mindfulness, meditation, and somatic practices, as well as real, practical advice, you’ll learn a different perspective on your current financial status and learn to envision a future that is in line with your skills, your values, and yes, your dreams. This isn’t about getting rich quick. Rather, it’s a nudge in the direction of creating true and lasting contentment in every aspect of your life.

Let’s start right where you are in this very moment. Take the Money Anxiety Quiz.


Author Koorosh Ostowari has successfully bridged the gap between spiritual and material riches. His goal is to share the mindfulness and somatic tools he’s learned with others through this bookHe is a Spirit Rock Meditation Center trained community Dharma Leader, a certified somatic therapist, and a spiritual and communications teacher for incarcerated men and women at a Northern California jail, and has dedicated many years to helping clients learn how to integrate their spiritual and material lives, in order to attain prosperity in both.