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INTENTION (Chapter 7, Right Intention)

The key to a good life is finding the balance: time for painting, time for friends and family, time for teaching and giving back, time for contributing to the community. I find that this balance is always changing; it is not the same from year to year.
-Stephen Quiller, famous artist and teacher

When we are not conscious and instead react from fear, greed, and unskillful action and speech, we create poverty and suffering on many levels.

Right Intention is the foundation that supports everything else that you create in your life. Everything rests on the tip of intention. I can say from experience that when my intention is consciously or unconsciously rooted in the hindrances, then what I create more of in life often reflects this way of being. It results in distorted thinking that affects my action.

Clarity of intention is critical if you want to be supported by those who are motivated by love and joy and other such heart-based attributes.

What is the authentic source of what you really want in your financial life? Once you can pinpoint this information, you can begin to create a moment-by-moment, day-to-day, week-by-week action plan to inspire you, mobilize you, connect you to your goals and help you fulfill your intentions around money and your life. This section of the book will help you achieve this.

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“This innovative and important book helps readers increase their prosperity in challenging times while also relaxing their stress, anxiety, and pressure about finances. With his feet on the ground and in words coming right from his heart, Koorosh Ostowari shows how to open yourself up to life’s true gems: gratitude, generosity, and inner peace.”

Rick Hanson, Author, Buddha’s Brain

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