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GREED (Chapter 4, Imprisoned by Greed)

Bad habits are like chains that are too light to feel until they are too heavy to carry.
-Warren Buffet

Greed often disguises itself as a conviction of scarcity, envy, and a sense of needing to strive endlessly to get more.

Many of us abide in scarcity mode, never thinking we have enough no matter how much we actually have or need. We worry about money when we are poor, and we worry about money when we are rich. In our minds, we tell ourselves that if we can “just get enough,” we will no longer worry. But is that really true? Some of the richest people I’ve known were some of the most strung out about money.

Greed—whether we’re talking about corporate greed, individual greed, national greed, or spiritual greed—goes hand-in-hand with scarcity. It is a reaction that arises out of our fear of not having enough. We cling to what we have, and we grasp for more. But if we could just somehow learn to let our money flow in a healthy skillful way, we would have a much better chance at getting rid of the choking sensation we often feel about our finances.

It’s a humbling and painful process to learn to note when we are reacting from fear, scarcity, and greed. We must apply compassion, awareness, and gratitude in order to combat these suffering-inducing states.

Shift from scarcity mode to flow, and connect with who you are and what you do have rather than trying to find something to fill your void.

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