Money and Fear

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FEAR (Chapter 3: Held Captive by Fear)

Of all the emotions that come up for us around money, fear seems to be the driving condition that is the root cause of most of our issues with money. It’s an insidious and pervasive emotion that sometimes disguises itself as anxiety, stress, or irritation. Fear can show up as painful symptoms in the body or in the mind in the form of thoughts and stories that really have nothing to do with our financial reality.

We’re all prisoners of our own fears and our unhealthy attitudes toward money, success, and happiness. Yet you can take charge of your own financial life. More importantly, you can learn to show up with courage and conviction, and in so doing, become embodied with positive change that will inspire others and make a difference in this world. Regardless of your current job, financial situation, or social status, you can learn how to shine your brilliance now. This book will teach you how.

Learn to skillfully meet and manage fear, disengage the fear reaction from your money story, and tap into our inherent mindfulness around money.

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“This innovative and important book helps readers increase their prosperity in challenging times while also relaxing their stress, anxiety, and pressure about finances. With his feet on the ground and in words coming right from his heart, Koorosh Ostowari shows how to open yourself up to life’s true gems: gratitude, generosity, and inner peace.”

Rick Hanson, Author, Buddha’s Brain

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